With British heritage, and now established as a Thai family, we are a 100% family owned and managed Thailand based business. Dragon Courier has had the same management team and key staff for over 2 decades bringing unrivalled, seamless partnership arrangements to our customers both locally and internationally.

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Over 25 years experience in the logistics industry in Thailand

Dragon Courier’s goal is to become market leading in low price and top service. For over 2 decades, we work with the same hard working key staff bringing unrivalled, seamless partnership arrangements to our customers both locally and internationally.

About Dragon Courier

Fast and reliable courier services in Bangkok

We provide express delivery services from Thailand to the world. Additionally, Dragon Courier also serves international logistics partners in their requirements both inside Thailand, via our import and distribution services. Dragon Courier is particularly proud of our 2018 investment in a modern, high security and centrally located IT Storage Warehouse.

Delivery services
Need to qlarify something?

Here are a few questions we can answer

What time does your office open and close?

Our office opens at 8 am and closes 8 pm.

Do you deliver bank holidays?

We are closed on national bank holidays. We are open on Christmas.

Can I use a DHL, FedEx or UPS box/bag?

You can use any box or bag and we can ship it how you want. The only time we would change the box or bag is if we feel that the box is either too big or too small for the shipment, we would do this free of charge.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

You can call the office at 02 656 9019, we have 10 customer support lines open all day with employees which speak both English and Thai.

How big is your office?

Our main office is 208 square metres, and our warehouse is 165 square metres. We have between 35 – 40 staff in total.

How is volume weight charged?

The volume weight is charged as the height of the box times by the length times by the width of the box divided by 5000.

What size boxes do you have?

We have 7 different box sizes. Box A is for shipments weighed 2.64kgs. Box B is for shipments weighed 4.22kgs. Box C is for shipments weighed 6.34kgs. Box D is for shipments weighed 8.45kgs. Box E is for shipments weighed 10.56kgs. Box F is for shipments weighed 13.73kgs. Box J is for shipments weighed 19.80kgs.