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We at Dragon love plants and understand the important time critical nature of live plant shipments.

Plants Service 🌱 what makes us special?



1. Which days does Dragon Courier export live plants?

Our export days are as follows: (subject to change please call office to check)

– USA every: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

– Canada every: Tuesday and Friday

– EU every: Saturday

You do not need an import license for Canada when using Dragon Courier. Please note : Dragon Courier will use their own import license and act as the Importer of Record.

You do not need an import license for Europe when using Dragon Courier.

If you send 12 or fewer articles of admissible plants that have no special restrictions, you do not need an import permit. However, above 12 admissible plants will require an import permit.

We can only send CITES to the USA. For other markets please check with the Dragon Courier office.

Typically from the day of export to the customers door, shipments take 2-4 working days for Europe and Canada, and 5-8 days for the USA. The USA is longer due to the time customs take to check and release shipments.

Yes! The shipment will be delivered right to your door, so there is no need to pick it up from anywhere.

The price you pay for our shipping will cover all the duties and tax, so you don’t have to worry.

All you have to do to change an address is either contact your supplier to inform us, or email Dragon directly at info@dragoncourier.com

You may call the office anytime during working hours on 026569019. For help out of office hours, please call either Justin (English) 0659370812, or Dook (English and Thai) 026569019, or email info@dragoncourier.com .

Office hours are from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. For help out of office hours, please call either Justin (English) 0659370812, or Dook (English and Thai) 026569019, or email info@dragoncourier.com .

In the USA and Canada we use UPS, and in Europe we use DHL.

Dragon Courier was established 25 years ago.

We are a Thai-British Family owned business. The founder, Christian Squibb, is originally from England. The company is owned between Christian Squibb and his 3 children. The eldest, Justin Squibb also works in the business.

Dragon Courier is strictly a Logistics and Courier company. We do not sell plants.

The standard industry process is to charge the highest weight out of the real weight or the volume weight.

The standard courier calculation for volume weight is in centimetres. Width (W) x Height (H) x Length (L) and the total is then divided by 5000.

We can send any weight, but the maximum per box is 30 kg. For example, we can send 90kg, but as three 30kg boxes.

The sender in Thailand is the person who pays us, they may pay through cash or bank transfer.

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