Dragon Courier provides export, express delivery services from Thailand to the world

Additionally, Dragon Courier also serves international logistics partners in their requirements both inside Thailand, via our import and distribution services. Dragon Courier is particularly proud of our 2018 investment in a modern, high security and centrally located customer storage and warehousing.  From the warehouse in the heart of Bangkok, the Dragon team provides customers with 24 hours a day access and delivery throughout Thailand.


As a bespoke logistics provider, Dragon Courier provides IOR and EOR services, as well as hand carry inbound and outbound services. Dragon Courier provides ecommerce support and COD service. For over 25 years, Dragon Courier has provided OBC (on board courier) services including local delivery via our own delivery team. Dragon Courier is the right team, the right company in the right location to get the job done.

Our services include:

– Courier and Express delivery service worldwide from Bangkok and Thailand

– Temperature and humidity controlled high security warehouse in central Bangkok. Primarily used for IT and high-tech equipment storage with associated express delivery service 24 hours a day.

– Delivery and collection services in Bangkok and Thailand

– OBC (on board courier) and courier import service into Bangkok

– Airfreight services from Bangkok

– IOR and EOR service from and into Bangkok and Thailand

– Hand carry service into and out of Thailand to the world. Our key staff hold multiple passports.



Need to qlarify something?

Here are a few questions we can answer

There is no limit as to what you can send. You can send however many packages you want at whatever volume you want.

We do not send liquids.

Dragon headquarters is Based in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok Thailand.

We provide every single customer with the exact same price list, big or small customer we treat everyone like family. We already provide the cheapest price possible so there is no room for negotiation.

We accept two forms of payment, bank transfer and cheque.

We have no issue sending shipments back if you feel the need to change something, we only request you cover the cost of delivery.

As the shipment leaves our office we will send you a direct message detailing all the information needed, included the tracking number. With the tracking number you can put it into our website home page and it will show how far along the shipment is.

Shipment travel time will differ from market to market. The shortest times will be next day, in markets like the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, the longest being five days in markets like the USA.

In the event of loss, the insured value is paid.

The shipments do in fact get delivered to the customers door in our tax and duty inclusive markets, which is one of the greatest benefits of using Dragon.

Dragon provides import and export services as its main focus. Dragon also does first class hand carrier services, extremely highly secured warehouse storage and factory auditing.

Prices may change every couple of months but our customers are notified far before anything happens.

Your customer details are strictly kept between you and Dragon. We are very careful with all details in order to keep everything confidential so that you are protected.

We do not tell anyone that you are using us, we keep our customer details completely confidential. If you decide to tell others that you are using Dragon you are very welcome, it is for you to decide.

No, we have absolutely no issues with customs as everything is done correctly.

We are able to give you a tracking number, using that tracking number you will get an estimated time of delivery and will be able to see when the customer receives it.

We work with very many companies which build up a lot of volume allowing us to drive our prices down.

If there is a problem with a shipment you can call our office, we have multiple staff working around the clock which would make it their top priority so find a solution.

We require the shipment to be in our office before 4 pm to ship it out the same day, to guarantee it we really need it before 2 pm so we have enough time to make sure everything is correct.